Brow Lamination Kit

Would you like to get your hands on the best brow lamination kit in the United States? At Lash Bomb USA, we supply the Brow Bomb by Beautiful Brows and Lashes, renowned for its long-lasting effects, easy application, and beautiful results. It’s the perfect way to give your beauty clients the brow shape they desire.

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What Is an Eyebrow Lamination Kit Used For?

An eyebrow lamination kit is used to redirect the shape of the brow hairs, solving several issues for your beauty clients. It works by lifting the brow hairs from their root to help them appear longer, filling out sparse areas for a fuller appearance. A bonding solution is applied to set the brows in the new shape required. The products used are different from a perming solution kit because they aim to straighten the hairs rather than curl them.

It’s a procedure that’s suitable for many different situations, including:

  • When your client is unhappy with the existing shape of their brows
  • For sparse brows, helping your clients grow out these areas
  • For anyone who wants to create a more uniform look across both brows

If you have a client who doesn’t like the direction of their brow hairs, they want to get messy brows under control, or they feel envious of the sleek look created by the treatment, this is the perfect solution for them. You should also let them know about the benefits of eyebrow tinting to enhance the results.

Benefits of Brow Lamination Treatments

If you want a new long-lasting, beautiful brow treatment to offer your clients, here are some of the benefits of lamination for brows.

Improved brow shape
By restructuring the direction of the brow hairs, clients can finally get the eyebrows they want while improving growth. Essentially, it’s the ideal solution for those who want a natural-looking brow lift.

Fuller-looking brows
It’s not just the shape of the eyebrows that’s impressive, but also the way they look. Eyebrows lamination achieves fuller-looking brows that helps improve the volume of the hairs – ideal for those with sparse areas.

High-quality ingredients
The ingredients selected for products like the Brow Bomb have been carefully put together. This produces the right balance between creating stunning full results and ensuring the hairs are left conditioned and moisturized. Fuller-looking brows can also be achieved with ingredients that encourage new and healthy hair growth.

Fast processing
The treatment takes less than 30 minutes, which means you can fit more appointments into your schedule. Your clients will be delighted with the fast results they can get to achieve a fuller shape for their brows .

Buy a lamination kit to help
One of the best ways to develop profitable services is to find a step by step lamination kit that includes everything you need. You can also purchase reusable brow tools that can be sanitized between clients, and top up individual supplies as they run low. Contact us if you need any help finding what you need.

Combine with other treatments
The eyebrow lamination results can be boosted further by conducting the treatment alongside other add-on services such as a brow tint. You could even combine these services with a lash tint and lift to create an overall gorgeous look around the eyes, including fuller-looking eyelashes.

How Long Will Eyebrow Lamination Effects Last?

The brows lamination effect will stay for up to two months (or 8 weeks), helping your clients to wake up each day with perfect brows. They’ll be so impressed with the long-lasting effects that they’ll return to use your services time after time, so make sure you book in their top-up sessions. You could do this in the first session if they’re used to having this type of treatment or give them ‘contact us’ information so that they have your details at hand when they wish to come in again. Ask them to recommend your services to their friends and family if they love the results or even leave you a great review if you have a website.

To prolong the results:

  • Don’t touch the eyebrow area after the lamination treatment, if possible.
  • Avoid getting the brows wet, including humid environments such as steamy saunas for 24 hours.
  • Use a daily conditioner for brows (as your salon for more information).
  • A self-tanning solution should be avoided on the face area for 48 hours.

How long an eyebrow lamination lasts will vary from client to client, affected by the rate of hair growth, the condition of the existing brows, and whether aftercare tips are followed correctly, especially in the 24 hours post-treatment. Empowering your clients to look after their brows will help them to feel more than satisfied with the results.

Is Brow Lamination Bad for the Brows?

Treating brows with any chemical solution can cause damage, so that’s why it’s vital to use the services of a highly trained professional. The Brow Bomb has been carefully created for use on lashes and brows, with a more gentle mix of ingredients and sachets of solution for moisturizing the area. Even the lifting solution in the lamination kit contains cocoa butter to hydrate and nourish the skin, as well as biotin to help stimulate new hair growth.

A skin sensitivity patch test should also be performed 24 to 48 hours before undergoing the treatment. If any skin irritation or inflammation appears where the solution was applied, the client should not start the lamination process. Patch tests will also be required for tints, which are essentially a type of hair dye.

What Products Are Used for Brow Lamination?

When you invest in a brow lamination kit, you can expect to see the following essential items in the pack. However, always check what each kit contains, as it can vary between bundles.

Lifting solution:
The sachets of lifting cream are used to straighten the lashes, made from a mix of enriching ingredients.

Neutralizing sachets:
Each neutralizing lotion contains cocoa butter, hyaluronic acid, panthenol, licorice, glass microbeads, and horsetail extracts. 

Moisturizing sachets:
Packed full of goodness, lamination kits contain moisturizing serum sachets with ingredients such as chamomile, marshmallow extract, and apricot extracts.

Bonding solution:
The bonding serum adhesive is essential to help set hairs in the desired direction and get the shape of brows you want. 

The kit contains fine Y comb tools to brush the eyebrows during the treatment, producing a precise finish.

Can You Do Eyebrow Lamination at Home?

We strongly advise that you only use the services of a professional salon or licensed cosmetologist for this treatment. Trained brow artists will have the knowledge and skills to perform the procedure safely, protect the eyes, and use trusted well-known products. 

Here’s an insight into the brow lamination process and the techniques used.

Step 1:
The first treatment step involves lifting and setting the brow hair in its new position. The products used are like a perming solution but aim to carefully straighten each hair before its placed and set in the desired shape, adding definition. The technique used may vary depending on the required results. For example, if you want to change the brow hairs’ direction, the solution can be applied close to the root. Or if the client has curly hairs or wants to soften thick eyebrows, the solution is applied all the way across.

Step 2:
A micro-applicator is used in this step to apply a tiny amount of neutralizing solution, and the brow is carefully combed with an eyebrow brush in the direction of the new shape and hair growth. An eyebrow tint could also be applied at this point the help enhance the overall look. Each tint has a specific color, which you can match to a client’s brow hairs to lift the natural shade or produce a darker effect around the brows.

Step 3:
In this final stage, the brow technician applies a moisturizing solution to the brows, helping to nourish and condition the eyebrows. This step should never be skipped so that the brow hairs don’t become over-processed.

Can I Use a Lash Lift Kit for Brow Lamination?

Yes! Our full selection of Brow Bomb sachets (steps 1, 2, and 3) are also in our Lash Bomb kits, so they can be used for lash lift treatments too. That’s because they’ve been formulated with the type of delicate hairs in mind that you’ll find in both facial areas. You’ll just need to purchase the right tools to help lift the lashes, ensuring you have enough lifting shields suitable for each lash length.

An eyelash lift is a great way to naturally elongate eyelash hairs, giving them a beautiful curl that’s noticeable straight away. Because the hairs are lifted from their root, it’s a treatment that’s also suitable for those with shorter lashes. This opens up treatments for more people than ever before.

Can You Have a Brow Tint During Eyebrow Lamination?

While the lamination process can help to achieve uniform, full brows, if you want to create the ultimate look, using a tint is a great idea. An eyebrow tint is used to bring out the natural hair color more, adding even more definition to the eyebrows. 

We supply five shades from Beautiful Brows and Lashes, including natural (ideal for fair and red hair), mid-brown, brown, deep black, and blue-black. Each tint comes in a tube for multiple applications, and it can be used on lashes and brows alike.

Where Can I Buy Your Lamination Kit?

At Lash Bomb USA, we make things easy for you, creating areas of our site for specific product lines. In our online brow lamination store, you can get your hands on various high-quality products, from a full lamination kit to individual items. Please contact us (we’re based in the United States) if you’d like any more information about our product lines.

Search for brow lamination products such as:

Full brow lamination kits:
Look for our bundles, which give you extra supplies of sachets for the renowned Brow Bomb system.

Trial packs:
Trial Brow Bomb packs are a great way to get started if you’ve never used our products before, containing sachets for the three lamination steps, a pro bonder, and Y tool applicators.

If you need more Y applicator combs, we supply these separately for you to stock up your supplies. Use the comb end to gently brush and separate hairs, with a simple grip design for ease of use.

Brow cleanser:
Always make sure brows and lashes are well-cleansed before the treatment begins, using this solution to wipe away dirt, makeup, oil, and more.

Brow & Lash Toxx:
Provide brows and lashes with the ultimate aftercare nourishment with this serum. It’s been specially designed for easy application of the product.

Mini tint packs and tint remover:
Make sure you have everything you need to perform tinting if it’s required, including dyes, mixing dishes, applicators, and tint remover.

Brow definer brushes:
These angled brushes achieve precision, used to apply powder, tint, and gel to the brows. You can also find double-ended brushes and combs for an all-in-one tool.

Disposable applicators and Spoolies:
No brow kit is complete without disposable soft tip applicators, ideal for applying and removing products. Why not add in some spoolies too, which are popular for their dense bristles to help de-clump the hairs.

Eye covers:
Put client safety, eye hygiene, and comfort first with our range of professional eye covers.

Castor oil:
Natural castor oil strengthens and hydrates brows and lashes, promoting new growth and creating softer, shiner hairs.

FREE procedure forms:
To help you deliver the safest and best services, we provide a range of free

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Do You Offer Eyebrow Lamination Courses?

Are you asking, “where can I find eyebrow lamination near me”? If so, check out our education courses. We offer Lash and Brow Certifications, covering everything from brow lamination and eyelash lifts, to expert tinting procedures. We aim to exceed your expectations, supporting you to gain the skills and knowledge required to help you succeed in the competitive world of beauty treatments.

Why train with us?

Expert trainers
All of our courses are delivered by licensed professionals who will show you the tips, tricks, and advice for achieving the best outcomes for your clients.

Training kits
As part of the course, you’ll get a training pack with everything you need to get started, including Brow Bomb sachets, bonder, lifting shields, and even a tint tube with a cream developer.

Covering every part of the process
Our training covers every part of the process, from insurance advice, hygiene, safety, and client consultations, to anatomy, products, techniques, aftercare, and more. 

For all skill levels
We provide training for both lash and brow artists, whether you’re a beginner, you want to update your skills, or you’d like to offer clients more popular treatments. Find courses for eyebrow lamination, lash lifts, and tinting.

Flexible learning
We offer online courses to help you learn anywhere, anytime, whether you’re training in between clients at your salon, while at home, or even on the move.

You can sign up to our email list for more information about upcoming courses, or feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We can provide lots of information about training prices, dates, and what’s involved. 

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