Brow Tint Kit

Are you looking for the best brow tint kit? Our professional eyebrow tints create defined looks that enhance your clients’ natural beauty. Choose a complete kit, including five gorgeous colors that put the ‘wow’ into brows.

With a wide product line for you to choose from, you’ll find all the accessories, kits, and tints you need to get started. Shop for pro beauty supplies now in the Lash Bomb USA online store.



What is eyebrow tinting?

A tint for eyebrows is made from a gentler formula than the regular hair dye you can buy in a store. The eyebrow tints come in different colors, ranging from black to blonde so that you can select the right tone for your clients’ hair and skin tone. Find one shade for the perfect medium brown or dark brown for brunettes or enhance the natural color of fair heads.

Top brands manufacture their brow tints in tubes that allow for multiple applications (e.g., over 20 applications) to help professionals develop cost-effective services. It means that one dye can result in a significant return on investment. 

Good tints for brows will last for at least three to four weeks, but the best can last up to six.

How do brow tints work?

A trained cosmetologist should carry out the tinting procedure, and they will follow each step carefully to produce the perfect brows. Here are some of the steps to expect when tinting brows with a kit.

While eyebrow tints use a gentler formula than hair dye, it doesn’t mean the skin won’t react. New clients who want tinting treatments should always undergo a patch test up to 48 hours before, which you will learn about when undertaking your training.

A brow tint procedure should always include a consultation. This is when a beauty technician can discuss the treatment with their clients, including the results they want from the tinting treatment, shades that suit their hair color, and ideal tones for dark brown hair and ashy blondes.

The best results are achieved by preparing well before you start the brow tinting process. This includes prepping the tint mixture with a cream developer (use a dappen dish) and removing all makeup from the brows so that the face is clean.

The actual tinting procedure is incredibly easy if you have a kit, and the tints for brows are fast processing, achieving the results you want in minimal time. Professional techniques must be used, including the brow tint products used, such as brushes, cleanser, and high-quality dyes. Any excess dye is removed from the area.

A good salon will provide clients with excellent aftercare advice to help maintain the tint effect for as long as possible. This includes letting clients know how long they should avoid touching the brows and the best type of cleansers to use. 

Whether it’s six, three or four weeks, once the tint has noticeably faded, and the natural brow hair color has been restored, your client can return for a top-up session. They may even request to book this with you when they have their first appointment, especially if they know how long tints usually last for them.

How long does eyebrow tinting last?

Longevity is something most brow artists look for when choosing tints. Each color is semi-permanent, lasting an average of four weeks, but often up to six weeks. How long tints last can vary from client to client, affected by how quickly their brow hairs grow, the condition of the tinted hairs, and whether they followed your aftercare tips.

There are many ways to maximize long lasting tints for brows, avoiding things like humid atmospheres you’d find in a sauna, hot shower room, or steamy kitchen. Oil-free cleansers and makeup are advised, and clients should stay out of strong UV sunlight for 24 to 48 hours after the treatment.

What are the benefits of brow tints?

If you’d like to train in brow tinting and promote your services to clients, it’s useful to know more about some of the many benefits of this treatment. Here are just a few.

Defined arches
Tints put more definition into eyebrow arches like never before, bringing out the natural color.

Fuller appearance
While tinting will just color the existing hairs, it can help them look fuller, especially if combined with a brow lamination treatment.

Enhancing natural features
There’s nothing worse than brows that stand out for the wrong reasons, so they shouldn’t look out of place against other facial features. The tints are used to enhance the natural brow hairs, helping them look as natural as possible.

Deeper shades
Tinted eyebrows have an intense tone that brings out the best in a clients’ eyes and natural hair color, whether they have medium brown, dark brown, light brown, red, blonde, or black hair. Many people even choose to tint their brows and lashes if they have fair hair, increasing the visibility of these defining facial features.

Forget eyebrow makeup
Morning routines can take forever for those who love makeup, so cutting down on the process is a definite plus point for your clients. Eyebrow tinting eliminates the need to use eyebrow pencils, and if they get a lash tint, they won’t need to apply mascara either – this means no more smudging!

Less invasive
Other treatments can be much more invasive when it comes to the techniques used to create the perfect brows. Brow tints use a dye that is simply smoothed over the hairs, and can even stain the skin below for full, uniform brows.

Gentle formula
As well as a gentler technique, the dye is made from a special blend of ingredients, chosen by experts who understand what’s required for tints used on brows, lashes, and skin around the eye area.

Get your own brow tint kit
If you’re wondering what you need to get started, we have lots of products and kits to make sure your supplies are stocked up. 

Can I tint my own eyebrows?

While color tints for brows are available for general sale, the safest and most effective way to get the results you want is to use a licensed professional. Eyebrow tinting is one of the treatments that should only be undergone if you've received a patch test about 24 to 48 hours before. During this test, one or two drops of the color is placed on the skin. If there is no reaction by the time of the eyebrow tinting appointment, you can continue with the treatment. All good salons will have a patch test kit available.

What is the best eyebrow tinting kit?

Finding the right eyebrow tint kit and color is a challenge, especially when there are lots of brands that claim to offer the best, long lasting products. At Lash Bomb USA, we partner with brands we trust to deliver on their promises, providing high standards, impressive results, and colors that work for everyone.

We supply color tints from Beautiful Brows and Lashes thanks to their highly pigmented dyes that both beginners and experienced brow artists love. Thousands of beauty pros across the world rave about these brow tints, so we’re proud to bring them to our valued customers through our online store.

One of the best parts about these tints is that they can be applied to lashes too. This saves you the cost of buying separate eyelash tints while achieving a uniform look when clients want both treatments.

Which lash and brow tint colors do you supply?

There are five tints available in this range that are supplied in 20ml tubes. This includes medium brown dark colors and those with natural tones.

2 Black Tints

Blue Black tint
This shade is for those who want their eyes to really ‘pop,’ providing a shiny finish that’s a highly popular choice.

Deep Black
This dye is ideal for those with black or dark brown hair who want more definition in their brows.

2 Brown Tints

Mid Brown tint
This medium brown tint is perfect for clients with light brown or ashy blonde hair, producing a deeper shade that remains natural compared to their existing color. 

Brown tint
This tint produces more of a dark brown color, so it’s ideal for those darker haired brunettes who would like to accentuate their features more.

Natural Tint

Natural tint
For clients with very blonde or red hair, brown and black tints can look too harsh. Luckily, we supply a natural color tint for these clients, giving their lashes and brows more visibility. 

Where can I buy eyebrow tint?

If you want products that tint eyebrows to create incredible looks, take a look through our fantastic range of long lasting products. We have packs that supply you with dye for way more than the minimum 20 applications other products do, helping your supplies last longer. 

Our products are ideal for brow technicians at all career stages, whether you’ve completed a course and need your first eyebrow tinting kit, or you’re an experienced beauty pro who needs to restock their supplies. Many of our products also can be used for other treatments, including the application of eyebrow gel.

In our lash and brow tint store you’ll find:

Full tint packs
Get all five colors in the collection, which can be used on both brows and lashes.

Single dyes
Need one color? Don’t get caught out – buy individual tints that more than surpass the 20 applications minimum you’d expect from products. Choose any of the five colors to top-up your supplies.

Mini tint starter packs
Want a beginner’s pack of products? Then our mini pack is perfect for you. Get a tube of any tint, cream developer, tint brush, and dappen dish. There are the basic tools you need to get started.

Cream developer
Cream developers activate the brow and lash tint color before the treatment begins. It has an easy applicator nozzle and comes in 100ml bottles.

Eyelash and brow tinting brushes
We have a variety of brow and lash tint brushes for you to get your hands on. This includes a uniquely designed double-ended brush tool, a brush and comb combo, a brow definer brush (which can also be used for powders and eyebrow gel), and an angled cut cleaning brush for a precise finish.

100% natural, cold-pressed castor oil
This beneficial castor oil produces shiny, soft brows while rebuilding the natural hair structure. It can be used regularly to improve hair growth and improve the hydration of both lashes and brows.

Brow and lash tint remover
As you can probably guess, this product removes tint color. It’s an all-natural product that takes away the leftover dye, containing cooling aloe vera and willow bark extract. 

Cleanser brush
We supply a Pro Lash Cleanser Brush like no other – with thousands of bristles that softly glide through eyelashes to ensure they’re free of dirt, makeup, oil, and other particles before treatments begin.

Make sure you have the best products in your armor to ensure tints last for as long as possible – four weeks to six weeks.

Lash and brow tints are just one part of our product line. You can also find plenty of supplies for other treatments on your beauty menus. This includes lash lift supplies, brow lamination products, microblading pigments, hair growth serums, accessories, PPE, Zensa healing balm, and clothing.
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Do you supply lash tints too?

Yes – Beautiful Brows and Lashes tints can be used on eyelashes too. In fact, many of your clients may request both procedures to maximize the effects. After all, if you have a fair hair tone and want your brows to look darker, it makes sense that you’d want that for your lashes too. 

The way the tint is applied to lashes is very similar, but protective pads can be applied to help protect the eyes. Lash tinting also lasts for up to six weeks, so clients can top-up their eyelash tints and brow tints at the same time. 

When you need more lash and brow tints, head to the Lash Bomb USA professional supply store online for all-in-one dyes.

What is brow lamination?

To enhance the results of the eyebrows tint, recommend brow lamination to your clients. While only licensed professionals should carry out this treatment on others, if you provide tinting treatments, we would highly recommend enhancing this with eyebrow lamination services.

At Lash Bomb USA, we supply the step by step Brow Bomb. This innovative treatment ‘lifts’ hairs directly from their base, producing the effect of fuller brows. It’s the ideal way to enhance the natural brow hairs, ensuring they look full and healthy without undergoing treatments such as microblading. It allows you to produce the desired shape and realign the brows for a uniform appearance.

It takes less than half an hour for results to take effect, and you can have the treatment alongside an eyebrow tint to produce the ultimate sleek brows, lasting for up to two months.

Our customers love the easy process when they receive their brow lamination kit, with the three steps marked on the sachet boxes. Each kit includes nourishing formulas to add a shot of goodness to brows, helping hairs to grow back healthier and stronger.

What is the Lash Bomb?

The Brow Bomb is a dual-use system that can also be used for the Lash Bomb lash lift. This incredible formula is designed for use on both features, with each step containing sachets for easy use. It’s an innovative method to elongate natural lashes, but unlike traditional lash perms, it can be used on all eyelash lengths. 

The striking looks are produced by lifting eyelash hairs at their base, producing a defined curl. It means your clients can ditch their lash extensions, waking up each day with gorgeous eyelashes that look longer and have more volume.

Like the Brow Bomb, you just follow the clearly marked steps for lifting, neutralizing, and moisturizing. Each of the three formulas has been made with a different mixture of nourishing ingredients, including aloe vera, cocoa butter, and apricot extracts. The treatment takes about 20 minutes, so make sure you get certified to add this treatment to your services.

How to become a brow tint pro

Are you hoping to find a course that will provide you with a professional lash and brow certification? We make things easy and convenient for you with a range of training courses ideal for both beginners and pros who want to expand or update their skills.

Our training includes in-person and online courses to give you the theory and practical knowledge to succeed. By obtaining your professional certification, you can advance your career and steer it in the direction you want it to go in. All of our courses are provided by industry specialists who have the expertise to support you to become a lash and brow artist who offers the best services to their clients.

Check out our web pages for more information about upcoming courses, including brow lamination and lash lift training. You can also sign up for our mailing list to get more news about training.

Stock up on lash and brow supplies now

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