Eyelash and Eyebrow Tint kit

If you’re looking for an eyelash tint kit that will propel your beauty treatments to new heights, take a look at our collections. Forget mascara or extensions - create gorgeous looks from an array of colors to make lashes pop. 

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What is eyelash tinting?

An eyelash tint is a colored dye for lashes and brows. Regular hair color products are too harsh to use in these sensitive areas, requiring a gentler tinting formula made with high-quality ingredients. While clients must still undergo a patch test if choosing brow or eyelash tinting treatments, beauty professionals can advise the best ways to keep the eyelashes well-conditioned for long-lasting results. For those who find using daily mascara a hassle or want better results, this is the ideal treatment.

Eyelashes tint treatments can be combined with a lash lift to achieve optimum results. This innovative process lifts the natural eyelashes from the root, producing longer looking lashes without extensions or mascara. If you are looking to order our eyelash and brow tints, take a look at Lash Bomb to enhance your treatment lists and score more clients.
Tinting eyelashes has a lot of benefits for clients who want beautiful lashes and brows, as well as salons looking to offer the best treatments in the area. To find out more, read on.

Benefits of lash and brow tinting

Eyelash tinting is suitable for anyone who desires darker lashes. This professional treatment is especially popular with those with a fair hair tone who may dream of more visible eyelashes and brows. If you have clients who are tired of applying mascara throughout the day, tinting is a great option. Understanding the advantages will help you to promote each of your treatments to those who will benefit the most from these services. Use education to upsell products, and keep clients hooked.

Eyebrow and eyelash tinting can transform how eyes appear, producing enhanced, stunning results that are in keeping with a client's desired look. If you’d like the color to look as natural as possible, match the dye to the hair and skin tone, producing an effect that simply enhances the lashes. Tinting darkens the eyelashes much like mascara does, but without worrying about topping up throughout the day or smudging.

You can achieve a defined look by choosing a brand that outshines its competitors. At Lash Bomb USA, we’re proud to stock Beautiful Brows and Lashes tints. Their specially blended formula is making waves in the industry, so this is the time to impress your clients. Produce lashes with the wow factor to get them coming back for more. 

Is it safe to tint eyelashes?

As long as you get a patch test to identify any sensitivities to the dye, tints should be safe to use. Regular eyelash tinting can result in dryness around these delicate areas, so it’s essential to keep the hairs hydrated as much as possible, and you may want to use products with conditioning benefits.

At Lash Bomb USA, we have a wide range of products to use that will help keep eyelashes and brow hairs in a healthy condition. This includes conditioning serums and quality castor oil to improve the lashes’ structure while encouraging new growth. Oil-based makeup and products should be avoided if you want to make the lash tint last as long as possible, but you can use between treatments to restore their condition.

Can I tint my eyelashes at home?

With any beauty treatments, the best results are achieved when carried out by a professional. They can help select the most suitable color for your lashes and will have been trained and certified in the best techniques. If your salon hasn’t seen our fantastic range of tints, ask them to order some in now.

Always visit a salon or individual with a good reputation and the right certifications. They may also give you everything you need for eyelash tinting aftercare, helping the effects of the dye to last for as long as possible. 

If you’re tired of mascara, get eyelash tinting. You could even combine it with a lash lift for optimum results.

How long does an eyelash tint last?

When it comes to how much time passes before your clients' lashes are restored to their natural state, it depends on the individual client, the care they put into keeping lashes healthy, and whether they use the aftercare advice you provided. This includes what to avoid in the first 24 hours after the tinting has been applied. 

If you have a client who has fast hair growth, the results will fade quicker as new hairs come through, and eyelashes and brow hairs fall out. With the right care and attention, eyebrow tints last between 3 to 6 weeks. Your clients can then come in for a top-up treatment to restore the vibrant look.

Why not order our Brow and Lash Toxx? This beauty essential is a specialized aftercare serum that provides the best nourishment for brows and lashes after treatments such as the Lash Bomb

Is eyelash tinting better than mascara?

Simply put, yes! While we all love mascara in our makeup bags, it can be hard to find one which is ideal for our individual needs, whether that’s long-lasting coverage, one that’s 100% waterproof, or a color that leaves others envious about how we achieved such striking lashes.

Once they try eyelash tinting, many clients ditch their mascara for good, enjoying the fact they wake up with gorgeous lashes every day, especially when combined with other beauty services such as an eyelash lift. They won’t have to reapply eye makeup throughout the day or worry it has run below the lashes.

For the ideal alternative to daily mascara woes, promote the benefits of eyelash tinting to your clients.

What is the best eyelash tinting kit?

If you’re looking for the best tint kit that far outweighs the results achieved with everyday mascara, check out our tints from Beautiful Brows and Lashes. Each color tube is packed full of dye, so you can create cost-effective services that are great for your bottom line. Each dye you order comes in a 20ml tube, made lovingly in the UK. You’ll love their fast processing times, meaning you can work efficiently to achieve beautiful results in no time at all.

The 5 colors available for you to create the ideal shade for each client are:

Deep black:
for the deepest shade of black – better than any mascara!

Blue Black:
for additional luster

cover sun-bleached tips and accentuate brunette hair

Mid Brown:
darken blonde hairs for a more striking look

create more visible lashes without mascara

For beginners who want to order a starter kit or professionals needing to top up their supplies, we have plenty of options available in our online store. This includes individual dyes (including deep black and blue black), a mini tint pack (with a dappen dish, tint brush, and tint developer), and full color tint packs

We also have a range of other products to help you offer the ultimate services for brows and eyelashes. We supply brow definer brushes, angled cleaning brushes, tint removers, cream developers, pigment pumps, cleansers, combs, and much more.

Where can I train to become a lash tint pro?

Want to become an eyelash tinting pro and perfect your skills? Professional training is an essential part of making this a reality.

As well as finding the time to supply beauty professionals with the best products and supplies in the business, we also offer expert training. When you complete a course, we’ll provide you with a lash and brow certification, which you may need for insurance purposes, and you can also display it in your salon. Although getting the skills and knowledge you need to perfect your techniques takes time, we believe in flexible learning, helping you to take control of your career.

We offer both hands-on and online advanced education courses, supporting you with your long term goals and career advancement. Keep an eye on our training pages for new eyelash tinting course dates, giving you lots of information from pricing details to what’s included in our lessons. Take the time to read through what’s involved – before taking the next step and joining Lash Bomb USA. 

Your client’s eyelashes are going to look next-level good.

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