Lash and Brow Tint Kit

Professional eyelash and eyebrow tints enhance natural beauty, producing defined looks that have the wow factor. 

If you want to offer your clients the most innovative, long-lasting treatments, our collection of must-have tinting products is ideal for you. This includes a lash and brow tint kit that has everything you need to get started. Keep clients coming back to use your services time after time by producing stunning looks.

All of the high-quality products we supply have fast processing times and are easy to use. Shop for the best beauty supplies now at Lash Bomb USA.



What Is a Lash and Brow Tint?

Are you tired of mascara smudging throughout the day? Cue lash and brow tint treatments!

The tinting of eyebrows and lashes has taken the beauty industry by storm in recent years, creating luscious looks and face-framing brows that transform the eyes. It’s the ideal way for your clients to achieve the desired look for their natural brows and lashes, shortening morning routines for good if they continue to book appointments to top-up the results.

Tinting is a fast, easy treatment, that involves using a specially formulated dye for these sensitive areas of the skin. A professional beauty technician will apply the color to the hairs. It can be used on blonde hair for greater visibility or even black hairs to produce a more defined look when combined with a lash lift.

Once professionally trained, salons and beauty pros can add the treatment to their menus, either as a standalone service or as an add-on enhancement.

Are an Eyelash and Eyebrow Tint the Same?

When you use products like Beautiful Brows and Lashes, you’ll know the tints have been formulated for use on both delicate areas of the face. This makes it easier to offer tinting treatments for both eyebrows and lashes.

During the consultation with clients, it’s vital to assess which color will create the desired look and enhance their natural hair tone. Many tint products have dark brown tones in them, and you can even get your hands on deep black tints. You can then mix the tints for both lashes and brows if your client is going for the same color or mix the dyes slightly differently for each feature.

The techniques for tinting brows and lashes may also differ slightly. When an esthetician applies the dye to eyebrows, to color simply sits for a few minutes until the tint takes effect. It’s quick and easy, and you can work on the lashes while the eyebrow tint works, wiping off the excess dye.

An eyelash tint is still easy to apply, but there are a few more steps involved. This includes the use of shields or pads to protect the eyes and surrounding skin. The tint is then applied directly to the eyelash hairs and left to take effect.

A lash and brow tint can also be combined with other treatments to enhance the results as much as possible. Therefore, your clients may like to choose this option alongside brow lamination and lash lift services.

How Long Do Eyelash and Eyebrow Tints Last?

Good news - tinted eyebrows and lashes last for about three to six weeks, but this can be affected by several variables, including how quickly new hair growth comes through. Good aftercare will prolong the long-lasting effects, and there are some really easy ways your clients can manage this at home. This includes avoiding humid environments such as steam rooms and cooking over a stove, staying out of strong UV sunlight, and using oil-free makeup and cleansers. Educate your clients to help them get the best results for a longer time.

After the eyebrow and eyelash tint is applied, clients will start to notice the color subtly fading over the course of the next six weeks. New hairs replace the tinted ones, restoring the natural appearance and color of the lashes and brows. Once ready for a top-up, ask your clients to call or email your salon to book another appointment. If they know how long tints usually last for them, they can even book this with you in the first session.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Tint for Eyebrows and Lashes?

So, what are some of the many benefits of using tinting products for both clients and professionals? 

Fast processing times
Results are fast, so tinting is a good add-on option alongside other treatments. You can also fit more clients into your schedule.

Increase your profits
Because it’s a quick and easy product to apply, tinting helps salons to increase their bottom line with cost-efficient services.

No need for mascara or brow pencils
Tints last for up to 6 weeks, so clients won’t have to worry about applying mascara or eyebrow makeup during the day.

Darker lashes
Want eyelashes to be more visible? For those with lighter hair tones, a darker color can make lashes pop.

Fuller looking brows
If you want brows that create the illusion of thicker, denser hairs, adding more color can do just that.

Range of colors
From blonde and dark brown to black, there are shades available for every hair tone.

Gentle formulas
Each product has been created with lashes and brows in mind, understanding the need for a gentle blend of ingredients for these sensitive areas.

Natural looking results
Eyebrow tints are used to enhance what’s there already, creating beautiful results that don’t look out of place.

lash lift and brow lamination
Tired of using products such as eyelash extensions? Tinting can be combined with other treatments to achieve the ultimate look.

Upsell your existing services and create a treatment list that will have clients coming through the door time and time again, while recommending your salon to others.

Why Lash Lifts Should Always Be Done by a Trained Professional.

With tinting products available online, you may wonder if it’s a good idea to use them at home. Like anything that involves a dye, testing the skin’s sensitivity to its formula is a must. Always perform a patch test. For the safest and best results, book tinting treatments with a professional salon or licensed esthetician. 

Here’s why you shouldn’t use a tint product by yourself at home:

Use trained experts
There’s no better option than using the services of a certified professional who is trained and qualified in tinting.

Safe techniques
Keeping your skin and eyes safe is essential, so using professional products such as eye shields and keeping dye away from delicate areas is vital. This is something many would find a struggle at home, making it near-impossible to apply tint yourself correctly and safely.

Easy application
Applying dye to your own lashes and brows is hard and can go wrong if you don’t have the right expertise. Lay back and relax as your beauty technician works their magic. 

Best results
Get the results you want with amazing color matches and longer-lasting effects. 

Aftercare advice
Your salon should give you aftercare tips to help the results last for as long as possible. They can also advise about keeping your lashes and brows in good condition between treatments so that your hairs don’t sustain damage from too much artificial dye use.

Call or email your salon now. If they haven’t used our range of tinting products before, let them know about our collections! You should only visit a reputable salon or licensed cosmetologist for tinting treatments.

What Is the Best Professional Eyelash Tint?

If you’d like to achieve stunning looks for your clients, use a product that lasts. At Lash Bomb USA, we supply beauty products that are high in quality, easy to use, and are head and shoulders above other tints.

The tinting product we offer is the incredible system from Beautiful Brows and Lashes. Made in the UK, this world-renowned tint adds impressive definition to the eyebrows and eyelashes, creating looks your clients will adore. The product not only provides excellent coverage for hairs (even over gray) but colors the skin underneath too to leave fuller looking eyebrows.

Each dye comes in a 20ml tube for ease of use, helping you get the most out of each tint without a decline in quality. Our valued customers can already see the difference in the results achieved.

There are five tint colors for you to choose from. 

Deep black
For the truest, deepest shade of black, apply this color. It’s the ideal tint to create looks that everyone desires.

Blue black
This shade mixes black and blue hues to make eyes pop like never before. It’s one of the most popular colors in the collection, adding luster to lashes and brows.

Mid brown
For those clients with ashy or dirty blonde tones in their hair, you can create a naturally deeper color with mid brown. It’s the perfect product if clients want a subtle improvement that won’t overwhelm them.

This color is ideal for clients with naturally brunette hair, accentuating the overall look for a more defined appearance. It’s also a great shade for covering sun-bleached tips and achieves a darker brown shade when compared to the mid brown product.

Ideal for clients with blonde or red hair, this tint provides lashes with more visibility, where fairer natural tones are harder to see.

What Is the Best Eyebrow Tint Kit?

If you want to own a professional eyelash or eyebrow kit that’s going to make your life easier while producing the best results, take a look at the packs we supply through our online beauty store. 

Buying a starter or complete tinting kit gives you access to everything you need, whether you’re a beginner who’s just completed their professional training or a seasoned pro who wants to grow their product line. 

If you need to add some individual supplies to your kit or start from scratch, we have what you need.

Products and kits to buy include:

Mini tint packs
Ideal for beginners and experienced pros, this pack comes complete with a color of your choice, brush, developer, and dappen dish for mixing tints.

Individual tints
From deep black to blonde, choose a single color product if you’re running low in one shade.

Full lash and brow tint range
Get your hands on all 5 tints so that you can color match to clients’ needs.

Brow definer brush
This brush allows you to achieve a professional finish with a fine angled point for precision. It can be used with a tint product, as well as gels and powders.

Angled cleaning brush
Create a precise finish for an angle cut with this brush. The bristles are incredibly gentle on your clients’ eyes, and you can save time on treatments thanks to its unique shape. 

Tint remover product
Remove excess color left on the skin. It has an all-natural formula, made from both gentle Willow Bark and Aloe Vera, giving the skin a shot of goodness when applied. 

Cream developer
This developer is used to activate tints before you apply them to lashes and brows.

Pro lash cleanser brush
Designed for the professional who understands cleanliness and hygiene when it comes to quality treatments, this pro lash cleanser is a must-have product. It has thousands of soft bristles that glide across hairs, removing anything from stubborn makeup and oil to skin cells and dirt clinging to the lashes.

Cleanser bottle
For a higher volume of liquid cleanser, why not buy it in a bottle?

Lash and brow tint brush (double-sided)
Angled on one end with a spoolie on the other, eyelash and eyebrow tint artists will love this product.

Brush and comb combo
Don’t waste any product after applying tints. It’s double-sided to include both a comb and brush, is easy to hold, and can be sanitized for reuse.

Castor oil
Strengthen and hydrate your clients’ lashes with a 100% natural castor oil. This product has a multitude of benefits, promoting hair growth from the root and restoring the condition of hairs.

Please note, all our brushes are made from the highest quality materials, including sable hair for fibers that create a soft and long tip. It’s strong, flexible, and keeps its shape, providing you with a professional product to use time after time.

Why Combine Tinting with an Eyelash Lift or Brow Lamination?

Want to make lash and brow tint products stand out as much as possible? To get the best results, encourage your clients to add an eyebrow or eyelash tint onto a lift or lamination treatment. This will make your services more popular as clients rave about the incredible results you achieve.

Eyelash Lifts

Eyelash lifting has replaced the traditional perm. Instead of curling the lashes, products like Lash Bomb provide different sized silicone shields to lift lashes right from their root. This makes it a suitable treatment for those with shorter eyelashes too. The result is a defined, unique curve in the lashes that makes the natural hairs look as long as possible! Clients love this treatment, eliminating the need to apply eyelash extensions from now on. Our product line gives you everything you need to get started, from step by step lifting packs and full kits to aftercare serums.

Brow Lamination

Professional looking brows don’t occur by accident. One of the most popular treatments available is lamination, so we’re ecstatic to offer our customers a brow lamination pack that’s all about precision and getting easy, high-quality results every single time. The Brow Bomb is a step by step treatment for easy application, creating beautifully defined brows in under thirty minutes. The formula used combines ingredients that nourish and hydrate hairs, enriched with cocoa butter, biotin, and more. Give clients enhanced, uniform brows in their ideal shape.

Need Professional Lashes and Eyebrows Tinting Training?

Are you professionally certified to use eyelash and brow dye products? To become a certified lash and brow tint technician, you need expert training. The type of treatments required by your clients can only be performed by a licensed cosmetologist. If you’d like to learn from industry experts and perfect your skills, we have a range of courses on offer.

While learning something new takes time, we break down everything into manageable sessions, whether you’re completing hands-on training or an online course in your own time. Flexibility is key to giving our students control over their learning. We’ll support you in building your beauty career and becoming the brow and lash artist you want to be. 

On our dedicated training pages, you’ll find lots of information to help you understand what’s included, prices, and course requirements. We have courses that cover different treatments, helping you develop your services, and offer the best options to your clients. You’ll also learn how to use our pro supplies effectively, which you can then purchase in our online beauty shop.

Give your clients every reason to choose your services over others.

Take Your Skills to the Next Level with Our Professional Supplies

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