Lash Lift Course

Train with Lash Bomb USA if you’re looking for the best lash lift course. We have an online course to give you flexible learning options (as well as hands-on training), something many lash lift companies don’t offer.  All course materials are delivered by expert professionals.

Get certified now with our online course.



What Is Lash Lift Training?

Want to complete a course in one of the most popular lash lift systems in the world? When you choose an online training course, you want to know it has a plethora of benefits available to you. A lash lifting course and professional certification can help you develop the services you offer, bringing in more clients who will return time after time. 

Clients love lash lifting treatments for the incredible results, elongating the appearance of natural lashes without the need to apply false eyelash extensions. The lash lift lasts for 6 to 8 weeks before they need to come back for a repeat treatment. The treatment is fast (under 30 minutes), so it’s a cost-effective service to add to your salon beauty menus.

Why Join an Online Lash Lift Course for Your Training?

Some great reasons to complete an online lash lifting training course:

  • Impress your clients with fast, beautiful results
  • Learn everything you need to know about the lash lift procedure (including lift and tint treatments)
  • Save time with an online course
  • Find career progression opportunities
  • Get a professional lash certificate
  • Train online anywhere, anytime – at home, on the move, or between appointments
  • Watch easy to follow course videos online
  • Offer better customer service in your salon
  • Stay on-trend by learning new beauty treatments
  • Learn from industry experts
  • Get access to the best lash lift kit
  • Purchase new products to expand your services
  • Provide alternatives to eyelash extension treatments
  • Extend your online lash lift course with brow lamination training

Get the professional lashing training you need to grow your business. An online lash lift course gives you the flexibility to advance your career in your own time. Learn around work and family time.

Do Lash Lifts Ruin the Eyelashes?

While a lash lift shouldn’t ruin your eyelashes, it must only be carried out by someone who’s had professional training and is licensed to perform lash lifting. Those who’ve completed their online lash lift training with a reputable course provider will have the knowledge and skills to ensure lashes are well cared for during and after the procedure. If you have already completed your online lash lift training, always use high-quality products that will boost the health of your clients’ lashes rather than damage them. 

We supply the Lash Bomb from Beautiful Brows and Lashes. We know their products are some of the best in the industry, using a reliable formula that produces outstanding results every time. At each step (even in the lifting and neutralizing stages), you’ll use a nourishing mix of ingredients. This can also help to reverse the damage caused by perming solutions and lash extensions.

An aftercare serum or lash moisturizer will condition the lashes and promote new and healthy growth. Clients will need to follow your strict lash lift aftercare tips, especially during the first 24 to 48 hours post-procedure. This includes avoiding humid environments (e.g. saunas), touching the eyes, and using beauty products near the eyelashes.

Looking after lashes will ensure you maintain their condition. This will all be covered in our online training.

Are Lash Lifts FDA Approved?

The FDA does not regulate lash lifts, so you’ll need to follow the state law in your practice area. The lack of approval is often down to the chemicals applied near the eyes in lash lift and tint kits, as well as the adhesives used for lifts and eyelash extension products. 

Patch testing is highly recommended before any type of lash procedure that uses products like this, especially if the client has never had a lash lift and tint before. Always keep a record of test results, and do not proceed with the service if irritation or swelling occurs. Sensitivity testing should be completed 24 to 48 hours prior to the treatment starting.

While you may have seen online lash lift videos, never attempt the treatment yourself at home. A trained lash lift pro will know the right ways to protect your eyes during the procedure.

Can Estheticians Do Lash Lifts?

When you think about lash treatments, such as eyelash extensions and lash lifts, you could assume that all beauty professionals can conduct the treatment. However, the rules and regulations vary between different state laws, so you must know what’s required in the location you intend to practice. 

In some states, lash lift treatments can only be performed by cosmetologists. In most cases, a professional license will be required to practice. You should be able to produce evidence of an official certification received from a reputable hands-on or online lash lift course provider.

How Do You Get Certified to Do Lash Lifts?

Looking for an online lash lift course? If you want your lash lift and tint skills to be up there with the best, complete your training with Lash Bomb USA. Our in-depth course includes online lash lift videos, flexible learning options, and lessons from experienced professionals who have been where you are today. Learn to lift and tint your clients’ lashes like never before, using the best techniques to get beautiful results every single time.

In our online lash lift course:

  • Train in a highly popular lift and tint system – the Lash Bomb
  • See the expert techniques you’ll need to produce outstanding results
  • Get a flawless finish for every client
  • Learn the full lift and tint procedure
  • Get tips and tricks from industry specialists
  • Understand how to use lash lift tools and applicators
  • Combine the online lash lift course with brow lamination training
  • Feel inspired for how to grow your business
  • Become the lash artist you want to be

Ready to take your lash services to new heights? When you access our online training videos, you’ll find that every part of the Lash Bomb lash lift process is covered. The cover curriculum covers liability, patch tests, client consultations, hygienic practices, the anatomy of the eye, the eyelash growth cycle, contraindications to lash lifts, the Lash Bomb system, product knowledge, tinting, lash lift techniques, and aftercare advice. 

Is Lash Bomb Different from Brow Bomb?

The Brow Bomb online course is similar to the Lash Bomb training but covers brow lamination treatments. This is a great add-on course if you’d like to expand your current services or update your skills to learn the full Beautiful Brows and Lashes system.

Brow lamination involves straightening and lifting the brow hairs to create a more defined, uniform look. When combined with a tint, it can help eyebrows look even fuller, a lifeline for those with sparse areas.

Steps 1 to 3 of the Brow Bomb use the same sachets as the Lash Bomb (lifting, neutralizing, and moisturizing), which means you can use your supplies for both treatments, as well as the tints. We also offer a training course in both procedures. You just need to ensure you have the right tools available to help with brow lamination, including Y-applicator combs.

Clients will often look for a lash lift company that can help them enhance both their natural brows and eyelashes, so place yourself in a position to score more business.

Where Can You Get a Good Lash Lift Kit?

If you’re looking for the best lash lift kit online, shop with Lash Bomb USA. After you successfully complete your online lash lift course, it’s essential to have the right products at hand so that you can provide clients with the high standard of treatments they desire.

We have a wide range of lash lift products available, including:

  • Lash lift and tint packs
  • Lash Bomb steps 1 to 3 (you can also buy individual boxes)
  • Pro lash cleanser brushes
  • Pro bonder (lash adhesive)
  • Lifting shields in all sizes (including bundle packs)
  • Lash separators
  • Under-eye patches
  • Eye covers
  • Angled cleaning brushes
  • Aftercare serum
  • Trial packs
  • Disposable micro brush applicators
  • Y-applicators
  • Micropore tape
  • Natural castor oil
  • Mascara wands
  • Lash and brow combs and double-ended brushes

We also have free, downloadable forms for you to keep in your salon kits, including the Beautiful Brows and Lashes Lash Bomb Procedure Form and Patch Test Protocol.