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What Is a Lash Lift?

A lash lift is one of the most innovative systems for creating longer-looking, natural lashes without applying extensions. Trained beauty technicians use silicone shields or rods to lift lashes from the root, using solutions to produce a defined curl. This is slightly different from the perming techniques traditionally used, which curled the lashes around a rod, making it challenging to create effective results for those with short eyelashes. Unlike a perm, lash lifting is for everyone!

Lash lift benefits – Enhance natural beauty

  • Lift lash hairs from their roots
  • Get longer-looking, natural lashes
  • Add volume to your lashes through healthy regrowth
  • Create a gorgeous curl you can’t achieve via other methods
  • Apply to all lash lengths
  • Buy a full lift kit to save you time
  • Enjoy fast processing for results within minutes
  • Add a tint for enhanced color
  • Results last 6 to 8 weeks
  • Stock up on supplies online – items come straight to your address (can be your home address or salon address).

What Product is Used for a Lash Lift?

In your lash lift kit, you should find some of the following products to ensure you achieve the most amazing results for your clients.

Lifting cream
Enriched with beneficial ingredients, such as cocoa butter, Vitamin B3, and biotin, this solution in your kit allows you to lift eyelashes while giving them some nourishment. Where it’s applied can be altered, depending on the amount of lift and curl desired. This stage’s processing time can be as little as 4 to 5 minutes for very fine lashes and up to 10 minutes for coarse and healthy lashes.

Neutralizing cream
This step is necessary to neutralize the lifting solution, containing a nourishing blend to help keep the eyelash hair healthy. This is also the stage where you could add a tint to create lashes that really pop.

Moisturizing serum
The final product in a lash lift step-by-step kit is a moisturizing serum. This is required as part of the aftercare process, keeping lashes hydrated for the best results. Clients can continue to use a lash moisturizer after the treatment, so you could upsell this type of product to clients. Always check if it’s a better price to purchase a box separately than get a complete eyelash lift kit, helping you save money.

While these products will make up the price of your basic lift kit, they’re not the only items you’ll need, so always factor this into the price when costing up your new kit. For example, you’ll also require a bonder (glue product), which is applied to the lifting shield, keeping it in place on the eyelid while helping the lashes stick to its surface. Other lifting tools, brushes, and cleansers should be purchased to help you achieve the ultimate results – believe us, it’s worth the price when you receive a fantastic return on your investment.

Do Lash Lifts Damage the Lashes?

We all know with many treatments, there could be a price to pay for creating gorgeous looks. This includes products that could cause eyelash hairs to dry out. That’s why it’s so important to find a brand of lash lift kit that comes highly recommended by thousands industry experts and used in 44 countries around the world. 

The product ingredients should counteract any harsh chemicals or acids with nourishing extracts that could help lashes become stronger and healthier. Rather than damage lashes, the formula used may result in faster, healthier regrowth. While the price of the best kits can be slightly higher, it’s worth it. 

Are at Home Lash Lifts Safe?

Please don’t attempt an eyelash lift at home. It’s a treatment that should only be carried out by a licensed lash artist trained and certified to carry out the lifting procedure. 

The lashes lift in the way they do due to the use of chemicals in the specially designed formula, so a professional will know the safest way to protect each eye, your skin, and hair. This includes the use of collagen pads under the bottom lashes.

While the price of treatments often comes into play when considering why some people attempt lash lifts at home, safety should always come first. Save yourself stress by visiting a pro.

Where to Find a Lash Lift Training Price

Whether you’re new to the beauty world or want to develop your existing skillset, please sign up for our lash and brow certification courses. If you’d like more information, just send over your email, name, and add a message, and one of our team will get back to you. You’ll find lots of information on our pages, including the curriculum, each course price, and new dates available. 

We offer online training courses for your convenience, and there’s lots included in the price, including support from expert trainers who will teach you how to save time and use each product correctly. Call or email us if you need more details.

What Is the Best Eyelash Lift Product?

Our recommended product for lifting lashes is the Lash Bomb from Beautiful Brows and Lashes. This is the best system we’ve used. Made in the UK, the solutions have been carefully created for each stage of the lash lift process, with each box in the kit clearly labeled to save you time. Their fast processing times and high-quality ingredients are more than worth the price of the kit.

You’ll find an array of different options in our product line, from starter kit bundles to brushes and tints. It’s easy to look for each type of product with filters, or just use our search facility. We have lash separators, pro bonding adhesive, cleaning brushes, tint packs, lash bomb shields in all sizes, disposable applicators, castor oil, and much more.

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