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Want to know the secret to brow perfection? Take a look at our professional eyebrow tint, kits, and accessories. Build a treatment list that your clients will love, returning to top up their brows and lashes time after time, understanding you produce the best results. We supply high-quality products for both beginners and pros, so stock up now at Lash Bomb USA.



What Is an Eyebrow Tint?

An eyebrow tint is a semi-permanent dye that’s been designed for use on brow hairs. When smoothed over the eyebrows, it adds natural color to hair and definition to the arches.

You can use tinting to create brows with a fuller appearance, achieve deeper color shades, and generally enhance the eye area. It’s the perfect choice for anyone looking for defined brows, those with fair hair, and if you're fed up with using daily eyebrow makeup. Save time on your morning routine with a fast brow tint treatment.

Is Tinting Different from Microblading?

Yes! Microblading involves scratching the upper skin layers with hairline strokes before a pigment is used for the color. On the flip side, tinted eyebrows are achieved using a specially formulated dye to enhance the natural hairs, so it's much kinder to the skin. 

While tints won’t cover sparse hair or gaps with exposed skin, they can help the existing eyebrow hairs look more defined. This can create the illusion of fuller-looking brows, whether you have blonde, brown, or black hair.

Eyebrow tinting is highly popular with beauty professionals and clients alike, with the dye delicately applied to the hair. Pros find the products and kit we supply better than many others available. The shades are fast and easy to apply, giving pros time to fit in more treatments and increase their profit margins. 

Encourage your clients to combine tinting with a brow lamination or eyelash tint for the ultimate look.

Benefits of Eyebrow Tinting

Here are some good reasons to add eyebrow tint treatments to your salon services or book a treatment for yourself.

Define hair
Create face-framing magic that won’t require touching up through the day like eyebrow makeup does.

Quick results
Tints are fast processing, giving clients the results they want in no time while ensuring you increase your profits.

Custom colors
With a range of shades available, brow artists can tailor looks to each client’s needs, creating a mix that’s ideal for their hair shade, including black, blonde, and brown tones.

Natural looking eyebrows
Nobody wants brows that everyone looks at for the wrong reasons. By using a professional dye, it simply accentuates what’s there to create a natural appearance.

Gentle ingredients
Regular hair dye shouldn’t be used for brows. Only use specialist tint for eyebrows that’s been created for this sensitive facial feature.

Less makeup required
Clients can lower their makeup expenditure with tinting, removing the need to use eyebrow pencils, which may not last for the day or smudge (especially in hot weather).

Easy kit
We make things as easy as possible, with a professional dye kit that has all the tints you need to get started, and color match to your clients' hair.

If your salon doesn’t currently stock our range of brow hair tints, please take a look at what we offer, and let them know about us! Our services are highly recommended, with reliable products, fast shipping, and excellent customer service.

How Do Professionals Tint Eyebrows?

Eyebrow tinting involves several steps, but it should only ever be carried out by a trained and qualified individual. This keeps clients as safe as possible, as well as facilitating its easy application.

Steps include:

  • With any type of hair dye, a patch test will need to be carried out prior to treatment if the client is new to your services to assess whether they have any sensitivity to the tint product. This is something you’ll learn more about when undergoing your professional training course for using brow dye.
  • The first step of any client treatment is the consultation, making sure you understand what the client’s goals are, the look they’d love to achieve for their brows, and color matching the dye to their hair and skin tone. You can mix the right shades of tinting products, including black and brown hues for darker hairs.
  • Once ready, the dye is applied directly to the brow hairs using a professional brush, which you can buy in different shapes, including angled brushes for brows.
  • Excess dye is removed, and the tint is left to settle and dry, giving you time to let the client relax for a short time.
  • Once the dye has taken effect, your clients will be left with gorgeous, enhanced brows lasting for several weeks.

You can train to become a brow tint artist by signing up for our professional courses.

How Long Does Eyebrow Tinting Last?

If you choose a high-quality eyebrow tint, the results last for around three to six weeks. However, it’s important to advise your clients about some of the ways they can try to prolong the effects. 

Offering aftercare advice will increase their trust in you, showcase your expertise, and produce longer-lasting results. This includes things to do in the first 24 to 48 hours after the tinting process, including avoiding eyebrow makeup and touching the eye area, no sunbeds and saunas, staying out of the sun, and much more.

The reason the dye is semi-permanent comes down to new hair growth. As old hairs naturally fall out and new ones grow in their place, the color starts to fade over time. By the end of the six week period, your clients’ brows will be back to their natural color, so they can have a break, or ask for a top-up. 

When the original treatment takes place, make sure you let your clients know they can book in their next treatment if they want to restore the look.

What Is the Best Professional Eyebrow Tint?

At Lash Bomb USA, we supply Beautiful Brows and Lashes, made lovingly in the UK using the highest quality blend of ingredients. Licensed cosmologists love this world-renowned product for its easy application, long-lasting results, and the beautiful looks it produces every time. Each tube of dye comes packed full of product, so that you can keep your costs low, with each application providing a cost-effective treatment.

Our customers love our products, and you’ll notice the difference from the first use. You have a choice of 5 dyes in different brown, natural, and black shades, which can be bought individually and as part of a professional kit.

The five dyes (available in a complete kit or individual tubes) are:

This color in the kit is the perfect choice for those with red tones or blonde hair, working well with fair skin. The result is a more visible hair color for both brows and lashes if used on both.

Our brown eyebrow tint kit is for brunettes who would like to enhance their existing coloring for a more defined appearance. Brown tints can also be selected for gray hair coverage and for bringing sun-bleached tips back to their natural state.

Mid brown
Our mid brown eyebrow tint is ideal for those with brown-blonde hair who desire a darker look around the eyes. Many people find tinting overwhelming if they go too dark on the first treatment, so this is a great point to start for those who want to see subtle changes.

Deep black
This choice of product does what it says on the tin. It’s a deep black tint that creates a look others envy. It’s the perfect choice for those with brown and dark brown lashes and brows, who want a more striking look.

Blue Black
This product adds a blue hue into the vibrant black tint. It’s often the most popular choice selected by clients and professionals, adding luster to brows and lash hairs you can’t achieve via other shades. Choose blue black for added shimmer and a gorgeous, unique look.

Be sure to check out our full range of eyebrow tinting products, including brushes, combs, cleansers, cream developer, and more. You can get your hands on a full tinting kit or buy products as and when you need them as your stocks run low.

While eyebrow tinting can be undergone as a standalone treatment, many of your clients may like to optimize results with the Brow Bomb. This product is one of the best professional brow lamination systems available, ideal for combining with tint treatments. Read on to find out more about this beneficial treatment.

Combining Tinting with Brow Bomb Lamination

If you want to offer the best choice of services, each tint eyebrow treatment can be combined with a brow lamination. Introducing the Brow Bomb!

This treatment lifts natural hairs to create a more defined curl, giving the appearance of longer hairs and fuller looking eyebrows. It’s a great alternative to more invasive treatments, such as microblading, which scratches the skin. 

Our lamination products make the process easy for you. Pros love the step by step boxes for each stage of the treatment - lifting, neutralizing, and moisturizing. It’s about getting a precise, quality finish, and uniform brows, so if you want lamination with a difference, use our expert products. The treatment takes less than 30 minutes, keeping your clients (and bottom line) happy.

When clients opt for lamination and tinting together, it can produce the best results possible, so promote the two services to your clients.

Can You Use Tints on Lashes Too?

If you choose the range of products we supply at Lash Bomb USA, then yes, you can use this dye kit on lash hairs. Our best eyebrow and lash bomb kits can be used on both lashes and brows, creating natural looks. 

Buy our all-in-one kit to use dyes that create stunning looks for your clients. The same shades can be uses on lash hairs, including our brown hues for more vibrant looks. 

Clients can undergo a lash tint as part of eyebrow hair tinting, a treatment by itself, or even alongside a lash lift. Silicone shields are used to lift the eyelashes from their base, with each lash hair having a beautiful natural curl as a result. Lash lifts are one of the best ways to achieve naturally longer lashes without the need for extensions.

The lash tints are easy to apply, but professional training is always required to ensure you use safe techniques and protective tools to shield the eyes.

How to Become the Best Lash and Brow Tint Artist

Would you like to become the best eyebrow artist? To get the advanced skills required to use a brow tint kit on your clients, you need to know how to use each product correctly, learn the right techniques, and get hands-on experience.

To get certified as a brow tint specialist, we have a range of courses on offer. Providing flexible options, you can choose hands-on or online lessons to complete your training, and we have several courses that cover different treatments. All courses are delivered by experts in their fields, teaching you the theory behind the practical skills required, and showing you the secret ways to get the best results for your clients.

Become an eyebrow tinting master with Lash Bomb USA.

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