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If you’re looking for an eyebrow tint that provides definition, natural color, and long-lasting results, you’re in the right place. At Lash Bomb USA, we’re proud to supply some of the best professional beauty products available, from full brow tint kits to the must-have tools for your salon.

To help clients achieve stunning definition in their brows, get your high-quality beauty supplies here. Please take a look across our web site for everything you need.



What Does Eyebrow Tinting Do?

Tinting for eyebrows has become highly popular throughout the beauty world. Whether it’s a first-time treatment, or you’re returning to restore the results once they’ve faded, brow tints can enhance your natural beauty.

Each eyebrows tint is made from a gentle mix of ingredients that isn’t as harsh on the skin as normal hair dye is. Creators of lash and brow tints understand that these are more sensitive areas of the face, so they may need fewer chemicals applied here with a more delicate formula. 

Tinting enhances existing brows with a semi-permanent dye that lasts for several weeks. You can find various color options available, from shades ideal for black hair to tints with neutral tones.

Does eyebrow tinting dye the skin?

Some people worry that if you tint your brows, it will dye the skin too. However, our eyebrow tints have been designed to color the brow hairs. While the dye will also temporarily stain the skin below, this excess is removed with a professional brow cleanser. That’s why it’s so important to make sure you only use the services of a licensed brow professional or salon. The skin below can be cleared of tint within minutes with expert products and tint removers.

How long does eyebrow tinting last?

If you’re looking for products with longevity, find a tint (like those we stock) that lasts up to six weeks. This type of dye will give your clients the perfect brows for longer, increasing client satisfaction with your services. You should always educate your clients about all the ways they can help the tint retain its intensity. This includes avoiding humidity and high UV light in the first 24 to 48 hours post-treatment, such as cooking over steam, using sunbeds or saunas.

If your client asks why the tint fades, explain dye’s effects become less intense as new hairs push through and replace the tinted ones. Some clients will find the results have reduced after three weeks, but many only need a top-up after six. They can book this appointment with you at the first tinting session if they know how long tints last for them. Or they may prefer to call once they’re ready to restore the beautiful look.

Why choose lash and brow tinting?

We're often asked about the benefits of eyebrow tinting, so here are just a few, which may help you decide to finally take the plunge and get certified to perform this profitable treatment.

Brow tint can be used on lashes
If you buy a good tint like those we supply at Lash Bomb USA, you can apply the brow dye to eyelashes too. This means you can use the same tints for different treatments while cutting down on your costs. It also helps clients who want a similar shade for their lashes and brows, using the same pigment for both areas.

Match the shade to natural hair tones
With tints ranging from natural to deep black, eyebrow technicians can match tints to their clients’ skin and hair, ensuring the color will enhance the natural brows. If you have a client who’s nervous about the brow color looking too noticeable against their skin, there are plenty of ways to create a subtle tint effect they’ll fall in love with.

Receive an excellent return on investment
yebrow tinting is a profitable treatment to include in your salon services. Just one brow dye tube includes tint for dozens of clients, meaning you’ll get an impressive return on your initial investment. Most eyebrow tools can be sanitized to use time and time again, and the processing is quick, so it’s a fast treatment that allows professionals time to treat more clients.

Achieve fast results
The results are ready in minutes, so your clients will love popping in for quick tinting sessions, knowing its comfortable, fast, and they can leave with perfect brows in no time.

Enjoy beautiful, reliable results
Looking for stunning brows? Tinting is one of the best ways to create the look your clients want, including defined and fuller looking arches with a color that brings out the client’s natural features. At Lash Bomb USA, we only work with reliable tint brands that we know produce high-quality results every single time.

It’s ideal for fair heads
As well as helping dark-haired clients to enhance their natural hair tone, tinting also provides options for those with fair hair, who may usually struggle to create gorgeous lashes and brows that are visible to others. We even supply a natural colored tint for those with red hair or very blonde hues in their locks.

Tinting can be applied with a brow lamination
For perfect brows that your client will love, recommend they combine their eyebrow tinting treatment with a brow lamination. It’s the ideal treatment for those hoping to achieve fuller-looking brows that don’t require additional enhancements or makeup.

Less daily makeup is required
Your clients will tell you that one of the best parts of receiving a tinting treatment is that they spend less time getting ready and topping up makeup in the day, not to mention the reduction in their spending on cosmetic products. Those who regularly undergo both lash and eyebrow tinting love the fact they can ditch their mascara and brow pencils for good.

It’s easy to get started
If you’re hoping to start in the wonderful world of eyebrow tints, we make things easy for you. This includes expert training (both hands-on and online options), as well as supplying a wide range of professional products for you to buy. We have tint kits with everything you need to begin providing this popular treatment as part of your salon services. It takes just minutes to look through what we have to offer on our web site, so what are you waiting for?

Should you tint brows at home?

Home eyebrow kits are becoming more popular, but you may wonder if this is safe. We would recommend you use a licensed professional’s services if undergoing an eyebrow tint treatment yourself for several reasons. 

They’ll have been trained by experts in the best techniques to ensure you find a suitable color match when choosing a dye, will use the safest methods during the procedure, and will have access to high-quality tints you won’t find elsewhere.

If you’re worried about tinting, you may be reassured to learn it’s a much less invasive procedure than other types of eyebrow treatments, such as microblading, which involves scratching the upper skin layers, which are then stained with pigment.

Please note, with any type of dye product, a patch test should be carried out for a minimum of 24 to 48 hours before you use the product. This provides enough time for any allergies to the dye to reveal themselves. This includes skin sensitivities to the tint, which could show itself through redness, itching, and swelling. If you react to the patch testing, you should not undergo the tinting treatment. Your technician will explain this process to you.

What is the best eyebrow tint?

You may have struggled to find a professional tint that ticks all the right boxes in the past, so we’re proud to offer one of the best eyebrow dyes available. The right tint for eyebrows will have been formulated from a carefully selected blend of high-quality ingredients, producing incredible results that last. The kits provided should give you what you need, but also give you options when it comes to expanding the range you use and topping up supplies.

At Lash Bomb USA, we consider Beautiful Brows and Lashes to achieve all this and more.

Their pigments are so easy to use, coming in generously packed tubes that never let you down. Our customers love the results yielded from the first time they use each tint, returning to use our services time after time. 

When you look through our web site, you may also notice we have lots of other products to help you achieve the best results, so if you’d like to know more, read on.

Where can I buy eyebrow tints?

The search is over – you can buy your eyebrow tint supplies here in our online shop. Our supplies are perfect for both those starting out in the world of brow tinting and experienced professionals who need a reliable place to stock up on the products they need to deliver excellent services.

Here are just some of the products you can get your hands on when ordering from our web site product line.

5 tint colors:
You can tint eyebrow and lash hairs from a choice of five gorgeous shades, including natural, mid brown, brown, blue black, and deep black. Buy individual 20ml tubes of color, or purchase packs that include the entire range.

Brow tint kits:
If you’d like to get kitted out in minutes, buy a mini starter pack from our online store. All you need to do is select one colored brow tint, and this will be sent in a pack with a dappen dish for mixing, a cream developer, and a high-quality brush to apply the tint.

Applicator tools & brushes:
No brow or lash artist can work without their tools, so we have a wide range of brushes and applicators to assist with tinting procedures. This includes brushes with both a spoolie and brush attached, combs, cleaning brushes, and brow definers. Brushes are made from high-quality materials that are soft against the skin.

Tint Remover & Cream Developer:
To assist with the preparation and finish of perfect brows and lashes, a cream developer should be used to activate tint products, while a tint removing cleanser gets rid of excess dye from the skin.

Lash and Eyebrow Cleanser:
To create the best results, the eyebrow and lash areas should be cleaned, which you may like to do with this gentle cleansing lotion. It removes oil, makeup, skin cells, dirt, and more to give you a blank canvas to work your magic.

Natural castor oil:
This cold-pressed castor oil can help clients who want to improve the condition of their brows and lashes. The oil restores shine and hydration while promoting growth right from the root.

Lash & Brow Bomb:
You can also find hundreds of products across our site for other treatments, including our famous Lash Bomb (for lash lifts) and Brow Bomb (for brow lamination), which come in step-by-step boxes for easy use.

Do you offer brow tint training?

Want a brow and lash certification? Become a beauty master and advance your career.

At Lash Bomb USA, we supply a wide range of training options for our customers, whether you’re a newbie or looking to enhance your skills. You may prefer to choose some of our online courses, which provide flexible learning sessions or attend hands-on training for seeing the practical skills in person. 

Whichever courses you invest in, you can expect support from expert trainers learn world-renowned techniques, and obtain the skills and knowledge you need to succeed. At the end of each course, you’ll receive an official certification, which you can display in your treatment rooms, and you may need this for insurance purposes.

You may like to sign up for emails about upcoming beauty courses, or you can take a look at training information now. In just minutes, you can find out more about prices, dates, and curriculum information.

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