Lash Tint

Your favorite lash system just got even better, with a world-renowned brow and lash tint. Create the ultimate look without the need for extensions or mascara, choosing an array of beautiful shades to wow your clients. Our high-quality range produces stunning results and striking, intensified color unmatched by other brands.



What is a lash tint?

An eyelash tint is a dye specifically designed for safe use on lashes and brows, producing an intense color you'll see the minute it's applied. Tinting can transform the natural lashes for a defined look your clients will love. Beauty professionals across the globe have fallen in love with the high-quality tints from Beautiful Brows and Lashes thanks to their specially blended ingredients and gentle formula that see an improvement in the results produced. Add these products to your collections now.

Tinting of eyebrows and lashes is suitable for anyone who would like to magnify their appearance, and it’s even used by those with fair hair who struggle to make their lashes pop in the way they want them to. With so many of us juggling busy lives, the opportunity to create long-lasting beauty without the need for makeup shouldn’t be missed.

How long does an eyelash tint last?

Everyone is different, so how long lash tints last is going to depend on a variety of factors, from your client’s natural hair growth to how well they follow your aftercare advice. For example, in the first 24 hours after treatment, clients should avoid touching the eyes and brow area, and they may want to steer clear of oil-based cleansers from now on. 

The dye is permanent, but the intense color you see fades as eyelashes fall out, and new ones grow in their place. Tinted eyebrows and lashes can last 3 to 6 weeks, giving the desired longevity when it comes to lash enhancements. 

Is eyelash tinting bad for your lashes?

No – tinting is not bad for lashes, but it’s essential to select products high in quality, and if you’re not professionally trained, always use the services of a beauty expert who is. Lashes and eyebrows tinted on a regular basis could become dry, so it’s vital to maintain their condition as much as possible. 

As well as beneficial lash serums, add-on products such as 100% natural castor oil can strengthen, hydrate, and soften hairs. Not only can its use promote growth, but it adds extra gloss and shine through improved hair structure.

Like any type of hair dye, a skin patch test should be completed before trying tinting for the first time.

Can you combine tinting with a lash lift?

Absolutely! Longer, fuller-looking, and darker lashes are on the wish list of many beauty clients. When you tint eyelashes, the results can be enhanced even further when combined with a lash lift treatment, such as Lash Bomb. This innovative system ‘lifts’ natural hairs right from their base, achieving lashes that appear instantly longer with extra volume, especially when combined with tinting.

Why choose Lash Bomb USA?

With generously packed tubes and fast processing times, results are visible within minutes. Choose Lash Bomb USA to achieve cost-effective services, improved client satisfaction, great customer service, and increased profit margins. Thanks to our partnership with some of the world’s leading brands, we have 5 incredible, luxurious shades available for you to buy, matching each client’s skin tone and natural hair.

This shade is ideal for clients with blonde or red hair tones, creating more visible lashes.

Mid Brown:
This is perfect for blonde clients with slightly darker and ashy tones in their hair, producing a deeper shade to complement the natural hair color.

Brown is ideal for brunettes looking to naturally accentuate their brows and lashes or hide lightened tips with a darker color.

Blue black:
A client favorite, the blue black shade adds luster to brows and lashes, making them pop in a way no other tone can.

Deep black:
Choose this dye for the deepest, purest black possible, creating a radiant appearance that everyone will desire.

The tints come in 20ml tubes, which you can buy individually or as part of a professional kit, providing options for both beginners and experienced pros to create the perfect tint mixture. When buying tints in a pack, get your hands on everything you need to get started, including tinting brushes, cream developers, and dappen dishes.

Where can I buy tints?

In our online store, you’ll find plenty of professional products to ensure you offer the best services to your clients, encouraging them to return time after time. This includes lash cleanser brushes to use prior to treatment and applicators to create the desired look.

Need training? We also offer a variety of hands-on and online lash courses to help you advance your career.

Are lash tints worth it?

Tinting eyebrows and eyelashes is one of the best ways to get the outcome you want in just a few minutes. It’s one of the simplest and most effective techniques to give eyes the wow factor without the need for makeup or extensions, saving you time and money. Those with the fairest hair tones are going to notice the most significant difference, so others could combine tinting with a lash lift to create the ultimate look.

When your clients call to book a new salon appointment, ask them if they’d like to add eyelash tints to their treatment plan.

If you have any inquiries about lash products and training, contact Lash Bomb USA now.